Ana & Samu (Lindy Hop)

Originally from Spain, Ana and Samu run their own dance school in Berlin (Rayuela Swing) and have been teaching and dancing together for over 4 years. Independently they have competed in lindy hop, shag, blues and authentic jazz around the world, and are active teachers outside of Germany.

Their main values are respect for the history of the music and the dance, connection and communication amongst dancers, and self-expression.

In their classes they strive for personal feedback, material that can be used way beyond the hours shared in the classroom, and creating an environment where fun, growth and vulnerability can co-exist.


Eran (Balboa)

Eran's passion for dancing has taken him almost literally around the globe.

Traveling for dance and seeking inspiration in his path to finding his own voice on the dance floor has shaped him to be the dancer, teacher and performer he is today.Eran believes that a focus on body movement frees people to enjoy any dance, no matter what music is playing. His own dance versatility helps him bridge the gap between styles and dances. In his classes, Eran enjoys drawing comparisons to everyday life experiences to help dancers easily master even the most complex movements.

Do consider yourself warned though: Behind his soft smile is an adamant teacher who won’t stop until you feel you got it.



Lana (Balboa)

Lana Sedlmayr is recognised worldwide for her passion for Swing, Jazz and Charleston as a dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer. Having a background in Ballroom dance, Lana has acquired her Swing and Jazz dance education and experience all over the world. For almost 20 years she continues revealing the secrets of the dance to students as well as improving her own dancing and teaching skills internationally. By discovering new dance techniques and styles as well as basic anatomy and body structure she keeps upgrading her level of expertise in dancing and teaching.

Combining musicality and interaction with a partner, technique and improvisation she is able to captivate dancers as well as the audience. As a teacher she concentrates her attention on dance technique and natural body movement at all levels and motivates dancers to improvise to the music creating great dynamics of the dance.

Lana is actively taking part in the dance events and competitions around the world being placed first in such world known contests as International Lindy Hop Championships, European Swing Dance Championships and many more.




Don’t get fooled! Although they have “Dixie” in the name, AppenDixie is a Swing band. Why Dixie, then? The origins of the name date back to 2015, when the first members started to play in the streets of Prague. Since then, the band has transformed into a Swing band playing mostly music from the 1930’s, 40’s and early 50’s that also incorporates personal (and sometimes silly) musical ideas. 

The audience has changed as well – after a couple of months playing for tourists and sitting audience, AppenDixie became a staple dance band, playing at events that range from local regular socials in Prague, through small exchanges and workshops around Europe, to bigger events such as Prague Spring Swing Festival, Retro Weekend Festival and or Plenty Hot.



DJ Henning

Since 2016, Henning has been dancing Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues at the SwingConnection Leipzig. He has been DJing regularly at local socials there since 2018 and has also been involved in various larger workshops (e.g. Blues meets Balboa, From Dusk till Dawn, BigBal Theory, Little Big Lindy).

When DJing, he always tries to make all dancers feel comfortable with the music being played so that they can express their individuality and personality in their dances. He is very excited to be part of the Swingin' Spring Weekend 2023!